Umina Beach

Umina Community Group is an enthusiastic body of local residents committed to enhancing the suburb of Umina Beach. We do this through active participation in community programs and working with Central Coast Council and other government bodies. Our growing community, along with our many visitors, means improvements to local infrastructure, the environment, and services in Umina Beach are essential to allow the suburb to thrive as a modern coastal community.

Umina Community Group is actively working on the following priority programs within our community:

  • Educating people on how to remove graffiti. Actively removing graffiti quickly and reporting its incidence helps authorities combat graffiti. This keeps our community tidier and makes it one that we can be proud of.
  • Participating in the Centrl Coast Council Coastal Zone Planning process to ensure that the plans being put in place further strengthen the protection of Umina Beach and Ocean Beach and their foreshores, for our current community and future generations to enjoy.
  • Developing strategies to see an increase in kerb and guttering across the entire suburb of Umina Beach. This will improve the look and feel of the whole of Umina Beach and reduce the problems that come with poor drainage in our streets.
  • Encouraging programs that support the younger members of our community through sporting and activity based clubs, and, in particular, the two Surf Life Saving Clubs at Umina Beach.
  • Regeneration of the coastal dune habitat and supporting the installation of more street trees.

In the press

Umina Dunes Receive $55K Grant
Robertson federal Liberal MP Lucy Wicks (centre), concerned community members and Gosford Council staff inspect the dunes. Errol Smith
Central Coast Express Advocate Gosford
22 Jul 2015

DEGRADED sand dunes along the Umina foreshore are to be repaired and stabilised following a much needed $55,000 grant announced last week. The money will be used to plant local native species including spinifex grass, pigface and coastal wattles…read more…


In principle, through supporting Umina Beach today, its heritage, and its future we can make a better place to live in,  a better place to visit, and a better place to enjoy.

Umina Beach

West Street, Umina Beach