Umina Beach Street Trees

Umina Community Group and South Street Umina Bushcare Group is extremely pleased to receive support from the Gosford City Council Protection of the Environment Trust Project.

Phil Cantillon, Manager Culture stated “Your application has been considered and I am pleased to inform you that Council would like to support this project by donating trees of local provenance and native trees from Councils nursery.

We are now looking for community households to adopt a tree to bring about an improvement local environment.

The intent of this project is to enhance the streetscape by planting street trees along roads to build an enhanced corridor for animals and birds to move from the dunes, which run along the beach, into the suburb of Umina. The project also has many other benefits for the people, flora and fauna of Umina.

It is envisaged that a handful of streets can be improved from being bare harsh environments to appealing green, tree-lined areas offering shade along with the sounds of wildlife. The plan is to use a mix of native trees to allow the suburb to continue to have an informal look and support different needs.