Free Holiday Rockpool Walks

Come and explore the rock pools with OCCI’s expert guides and learn about fascinating creatures that live there.

Umina Rockpool Walk

25 participants maximum on each walk, which are most suited to ages 5 years to adult. Walks last between 1 and 2 hours. Covered footwear is essential.

2017 Dates

  • Tuesday 11th April                Umina Beach                        1.30 pm
  • Thursday 13th April              Umina Beach                        2.30 pm
  • Sunday 9th July                      Umina Beach                        1.00 pm

BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIALTo book, phone OCCI on 0404 450 429

Proudly supported by the Central Coast Council‘

War on Shopping Trolleys

Everyone who has a smart phone can download the two free apps which allow you to report a dumped shopping trolley. These are Trolley Tracker and “Trolley Collect”. These are easy to use apps that use your current GPS location to send the address of the trolley to the collection service. We are especially encouraging local Apprentices and University Students as Trolley Tracker has a monthly draw with a winning amount of $1,000.

Trolley left on the street in Umina Beach

As the Central Coast continues to grow with more and more people choosing to live in this iconic coastal area, the ever present problem of shopping trolleys in our streets grows. It would seem this problem is here to stay with only limited progress on stemming its impact in recent years.  The longer the trolleys remain on the street the more they are used by others and end up in the way of walkers and cars, and in many cases in the creeks and on the beach.

Across the state there have been a number of trials of methods to reduce the number of trolleys leaving shopping centres, like the grates at Deep Water Plaza and there has also been changes to the local government act to allow Council Rangers to fine people for leaving a trolley on public land.

For those without a smart phone, most trolleys have a phone number on the handle which you can call and give the address. This service will also notify the collection services. We performed a quick survey and found in Umina Beach that all stores except Woolworths have a phone number on the trolley handle.

The Australian Retailers Association of NSW and Local Government Association of NSW have also developed a code of practice to guide retailers and Council to work together to try reduce the rate at which trolleys are dumped. Umina Community Group would prefer to see a more definitive policy by Central Coast Council along the lines of that implemented in Waverly Council. The Waverly Council example has important measures that would see all future Development Applications to include specific considerations on Trolley Management Programmes which the Council could then monitor. If fact, we are encouraging our residents to hold this question over to the upcoming council elections and then have residents request candidates to support the implementing of an approach similar to that of Waverly Council like approach.


The Runway is Reborn

The upgrade of the unnamed park in Trafalgar Avenue by local residents is progressing well. In December the play equipment was installed in time for the summer break. In January, the bark soft fall has been completed and a much-needed water station has been fitted next to the bicycle way. The best thing though, is the park has a name “The Runway”, to remind us of the llnk to the WWII airstrip that the park sits upon.

There is still more work to come, with machinery due in February to break up the soil ready for new plants and in March a number of planting days scheduled. If you would like to become involved in the project or join the planting days please email, we are also looking for donations to help fund more equipment at

The Runway Water Station




Car Park Withdrawn from Sale

Umina Community Group has been working with Central Coast Council to provide feedback on the sale of the Bullion Street Car Park land. The sale of the car park was being completed as part of the Umina Beach Civic Master Plan, aimed towards an expanded Civic Centre.

We are pleased to announce that Central Coast Council has now withdrawn the car park land from sale. There has been considerable feedback to Council that the plan in its current form was flawed and not in the interest of the community. It is pleasing to see two recent plans to sell off public land have been reversed by the Council after listening to community feedback.

We look forward to the Council working with the Umina Beach community to continue to look at policies, strategies and delivery plans to improve and implement the Umina Beach Civic Plan in a way that has strong community support.

You can read more about the options considered the Council here.


Stronger Communities Grant for Umina Beach

MP Lucy Wick’s announced this week that Umina Community Group has been awarded a $10,000 grant under the Federal Government’s Stronger Communities Program. Lucy also went on to give a speech in Parliament on the transformation taking place at the park, the community involvement in leading the upgrade and the link to the WWII runway which the park is positioned upon.

Trafalgar Park in Umina is undergoing a transformation, that will reveal a snapshot of the Central Coast’s history, and today I’m pleased to announce the Federal Government’s support for this initiative.

National Tree Day success in Umina

Umina Community Group spent July 31 planting street trees as part of National Tree Day at Umina Beach. This event was strongly supported by Umina Community Group and Central Coast Council nursery. A lot of good for the local community was achieved and lots of fun was was had planting new trees on our streets.

Jasper, Rosie and Jasmine helping out on National Tree Day Tree Planting - Umina Beach - 1 Tree Planting Umina Beach - 2

The community see trees fast disappearing from our local landscape as multiple developments occur where there were once single houses and established gardens. As trees disappear, birds are losing their habitat and food source. Along with high density living comes a predominance of hard surfaces (concrete, brick and asphalt) increasing temperatures. There has never been a greater need for trees that provide relief from high temperatures, offer shade and the enjoyment of daily contact with nature.

Street trees are available free of charge from Central Coast Council for all local residents.

Tree Planting - Umina Beach - 3 Local Umina residents and Umina Community Group members.

Green Army heading to Umina Beach


Gosford City Council has been successful is securing two teams for Umina Beach under the Federal Government Green Army initiative. The teams will work in partnership with Landcare/Bushcare groups to ensure that the coastal dunes recover from the storm damage, and are not overtaken by weed species. These teams will help build the resilience of the dunes to future storm events by removing debris and litter and improving dune habitat, rebuilding and repairing fencing to better manage public access, invasive weed removal, dune system re-vegetation, and providing erosion control measures.

If you would like to know more about the program then come along to the Umina Community Group Information Night – November 26th at 7pm at Umina Surf Life Saving Club.