Umina Beach is a growing, modern, coastal town with a very cohesive and supportive community. Like many other towns there is a need to protect and nurture our community, one way we can do this is to be open and cognisant of how to stay safe and prevent or minimise crime within our area.

Tips for your safety:

Who to Call?

(always report crimes no matter how small to assist police monitoring)

Call 000 – In the case of an emergency or when reporting a crime in progress (the offender is still there)
Call Police Assistance Line (PAL) 13 14 44 – To report non urgent incidents and minor crimes that do not require follow up, such as malicious damage or break and enters where the offender is not known.
Call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 (can be anonymous) – With information about crime and criminal activity Including traffic, graffiti, drugs or otherwise.
Call 4323 5599 – for Gosford Police Station
Call 4379 7399 – for Woy Woy Police Station
Call 4384 4822 (8am – 8pm) – for Terrigal Police Station

Safety at Home

  • If you are harassed, attacked or robbed, tell the police.
  • When you are at home, lock all doors.
  • Leave spare keys with a trusted friend, never in a hiding places.
  • Keep a photographic record of your jewellery and engrave all portable items (eg, TV) with your name, address and licence number.
  • Going away? Ask a neighbour to keep on eye on things, collect your mail and put out your rubbish. Leave the radio on.
  • Don’t keep large amounts of money in the home.
  • If you have deadlocks, keep the keys in the locks on the inside when you are at home, in case you need to leave in an emergency.
  • Make sure your house number is clearly visible.
  • If you live alone, don’t publicise this or whether you are Ms, Miss, Mrs or Mr.
  • Arrange to have regular contact with someone you trust.


  • If you’re not sure who it is, don’t open the door.
  • If someone is at the door and you are alone, pretend someone else is there.
  • Be suspicious of people wanting to enter your home. Ask for identification, look at it carefully and contact their office for verification.
  • If someone wants to use your phone for an emergency, offer to make the call for them, but keep them out.

Con Artists

They’re friendly and clever. And they want to trick you out of your money or property. If they attempt to bully you, call the police. Beware of:

  • something for nothing
  • “you have won a contest”
  • cash only “opportunities”
  • home improvement offers
  • get rich quick schemes
  • “service calls” you didn’t request.

Nuisance Calls

  • Never give callers personal information.
  • If a caller tries to upset you, hang up and report it to your phone company.

Out and About

  • Don’t carry large sums of money. Pay your bills by cheque.
  • If you carry a handbag, hold it under your arm or in front of you and never leave it unattended. If you use a wallet, put it inside your jacket or a front pocket.
  • Have your car keys ready before you get to your car.
  • If you believe you are in danger, shout out and make a scene and go into the nearest shop or busy place


  • Vary the routine of your banking: days, times and branches.
  • Put away your money before leaving the teller.
  • If you must carry a large sum of cash, place it in an inside pocket.

Legal Matters

  • Read documents carefully and check with your solicitor before signing them.
  • Keep all legal documents in a safe place at home, in a bank or in your solicitor’s office.


If you have any difficulties, call your local police command. The NSW Council on the Ageing (COTA) promotes the well being, rights and interests of all older people in NSW. COTA’s Seniors Information Service provides free and confidential information on a range of issues.
Telephone 13 1244