Kerbing and Drainage

Umina Community Group is committed to improving Umina Beach by providing a unified voice to work with Central Coast Council, The State Government of NSW, and the Commonwealth Government to spend an appropriate level of resources on essential infrastructure and services in Umina Beach. Our community is over 16,000 and growing; the demands created by this population and by tourists are not being met.

  • Umina must have appropriate drainage to protect public health
  • Open drains are a health risk from mosquitoes and pollutants
  • An adequate drainage system demands that all residential streets must be kerbed, and have footpaths for safety

Umina Community Group is concerned that over recent years the direction Central Coast Council’s expenditure on infrastructure on the Peninsula, has been overly influenced by high end business pressure. Millions of dollars of ratepayers’ money have been spent on cosmetic changes to areas such as Ettalong Beach, to the detriment of the general community needs including basic kerbing, guttering and drainage.

Umina Beach damage

A large percentage of Umina Beach residents are living without basic drainage and in some cases large open drains. In heavy rains, water runoff lays on the surface and in open drains until it soaks away naturally into the sand, taking with it pollutants into the water table located an average 14 feet below the surface. Up to 5 million litres of groundwater a day is pumped from the water table into our drinking water supply.

Mosquitoes are a problem in large areas of Umina. Mosquito-borne diseases pose a very real health risk to the community. These risks can be minimised with proper kerbing, guttering and drainage systems in place.

Umina Community Group is determined to see ratepayers money is spent to the benefit of ratepayers basic needs, and will network to that end with those Aldermen who indicate they are prepared to support and care for the Umina Community.

Does your street lack proper drainage? If you feel improvements could be made please contact  Umina Community Group.